Competitive Courses

Competitive Courses One/Two Years Program

IIT-JEE | Medical | CA-CPT

Course Information

  • Class Level XI & XII
  • Starting Time First week of April/ May/ June
  • Methodology 3 stages approach : Basics + School + Competition (JEE/PMT/CA-CPT)
  • Timings Available on Request
  • Package Exhaustive Study Materials with huge question bank in all subjects.


EduSuccess has designed and developed a very effective, exhaustive, elaborate, comprehensive, updated and upgraded quality study material and test series. The designing concept of our material is unique that generates interest and provides strong foundations to the students for grasping fundamentals and their applications.

It contains all important concepts and questions on various types of problems asked in competitive exams. Test series does not only provide students with subject knowledge and prior practice but also make them think feel free easy and above all confident.

Exhaustive Study Material.

Regular class tests.

Course completion by end of December / Mid of February.